Creating a New “Me”

There is lots of talk these days of breaking through barriers, surviving the past, and forging ahead to the future. This is encouraged so heavily by society in recent times, because betterment of one, as they say, is ultimate betterment of all. While this rings true in my life, and I am sure in yours as well, I have to subconsciously ask myself if I am ready to create a new sense of self. How many people have affected my outlooks, my beliefs, and my life up to this point? Why is my past important to me, and why do I cling to it in times of uncertainty? If I let go of history, and concentrate on today, who then takes control of my actions and decisions? Is the past a false security blanket needing to be disposed of, or a well-lit cabin in the woods, fully equipped with crisp firewood and warm food?

So many questions. This Autumn, let us be content in where our lives lead us, instead of the typical other way around. In the honor of the upcoming season, we can allow ourselves to let go of the ticking time bomb that is our life’s compass, and let our intuition, faith, and good company lead us to the serenity we have been searching for. It could look something like this:


Stop questioning decisions in which I torture myself to the breaking point.

Invite new people into my life and stop fearing that old ones won’t be there.

Strive to see beyond that which is trivial – because most things are.

Appreciate the goodness that so often gets buried under the negative.

Create a peaceful harbor for others, but not until mine is built first.


It is considerably hard to “let go” – in life, in love, in work, in habits. But mostly, it’s hard to let go of doing, doing , doing out of fear that we’re not doing enough.

For now, I’ll let go of human doing and stick with human being.


One thought on “Creating a New “Me”

  1. Dear SmartHeart,
    I’m so glad that we’re talking about this… Keeping focused on moving forward and growing is really important for your SmartHeart.
    Here’s something that helped me:
    To stay on track with your life, you can make yourself a visual reminder. One way to visualize What You Want In Your Life is to create a collage. Here is the theme: ”What I Like, What I Love, What I Want More Of…” Cut out magazine pictures with things you love, places you want to go, how you want to be. You get the picture. You paste them on a poster board and Voila…
    You’ll even feel great, searching for just the right picture for your poster.
    Then let us know what you came up with…
    Thanks, SmartHeart for giving me new ideas!

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