Nanny No More

If letting go is difficult, then being let down just plain stinks.

This past weekend provided me with challenges beyond my own power, comprehension or tolerance. Without divulging unnecessary details, I have to tell you that even four days later, my exhaustion and sadness has continued at a pretty steady rate. Luckily, this stress had little to do with my immediate life (friends, family, school, relationships, work) and more to do with the baggage my life has liked to hold on to. If we’re honest with ourselves, we usually come to find that our baggage – as much as we like to curse, ignore, and deny it – is actually quite comfortable. We might even find ourselves reveling in its familiarity and security. (Note: this is not a good thing).

Sometimes, the aforementioned baggage is not a result of hind-sighted mistakes or bad decisions; sometimes it is simply a good deed gone wrong. An effort to do something helpful or be someone loyal. A hope to change things and make them better. To create peace where it no longer resides. When this backfires on us, or worse, feels as though it has held no significant weight at all, we are let down and we feel broken.

We may even hit the ground.

And then, the lucky part is… there is nowhere to go but up.


One thought on “Nanny No More

  1. Bridg, this is absolutely amazing. I always knew that you were immensely talented and this just proves that I was right. I’m sure that you’ll reach your goal and be recognized for your impressive work on this site sooner than later. I’m very proud of you!

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