12 Days of Christmas

Ahh, Christmas. Mister Claus in back in business, and this year it seems he’s got quite a load on his shoulders. Everyone, everywhere seems to be in great need this season.  Some need a momentum change, a monetary boost, a familial reunion, a pat on the back… a day off!  Others just simply need a new gadget or snazzy garment. Regardless the want, one thing is clear: time is of the essence.  Young and old, this wish usually makes the universal holiday checklist. As my early 20-somethings roll by, this is something I know for sure.

Perhaps though, instead of more time, we should ask for time better-spent. Gifts are sweet, parties are hysterical, and holidays are divine. In the midst of this chaotically whimsical time of year, the hope is that we strive for the tick-tock of something progressive.  I don’t know about you, but choosing a mug  of warm hot chocolate — or peppermint martini — and a good friend always (not sometimes) beat the heck out of studying one more hour or missing one less TV show (unless that show is called Gossip Girl … which the hot chocolate and friend might compliment quite nicely).

There is a soap opera that likes to dictate this daily decree: “Like sands through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”  Days of Our lives: trashy show? Maybe. =) 

Truthful message, all the same.

This season, no matter the reason, is the perfect one for time. Whether your Christmas yearning calls for bigger and better, or just happier and healthier,  my hope for you is that this year, you get what you wish for.


One thought on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. love this one bridg! Especially that last part..it sounded so Carrie! Like her narration in the show.

    I miss you mucho! And I do wish for time better spent….with you!

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