Everyone’s Got A Story

Usually, on those uncharacteristically warm days when spring spring begins to rear its head,  my favorite thing to do is grab a cup of iced coffee (or, admittedly a glass of vino) and write. While working on my book, I had a thought. We, as a human race, are some brilliant storytellers.


When we were young, we could – and would – spend hours playing dolls.  We’d be allowed to pull them out from their neatly stacked boxes under the bed, and before skipping over to our houses, our friends would do the same. We would conjure up the most perfectly fantastical lives for these 11 inch beauties.  We’d group them into cliques while brushing their hair and choosing their shoes. We would allow our most favorite figurines to drive pink cars into town, go on expensive dates with their plastic male counterparts, and live in “dream houses” that we, ourselves, could only imagine.

But then, we got too old for Barbies.  We moved on to real life where pink cars and dream houses were, if existent at all, seemingly lightyears  away from sensibility. Though, interestingly enough, the storytelling never stopped.

We are always taught to be motivated, driven, passionate. Go the extra mile, lend an extra hand! These are good values at their core. But what happens when they trick us into believing that we can only be satisfied when the next best “to-do” is fulfilled? It is exceptionally invaluable to keep challenging ourselves, but when this act begins handicapping who we are at our most true, boy do we get tired.

Then the lies, or as we like to call them, “stories” come out. We create lofty goals. We imagine our lives in another’s (nicely polished, more accomplished) shoes. We create impossible deadlines. We reprimand ourselves for unfinished tasks. Most of all, we pretend we know exactly what we want.

What was once Barbies and bicycles is now money and cars. What was once plastic and fun is now human and frankly, a little scary.

Even today, I find myself and others around me constantly asking one internal question.  Am I the person I think I should be… or AM I ME?


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