All for one & one for Paul

paulieToday, I find myself feeling a bit melancholy as I watch my brother’s room become emptier and emptier. At 20, he has moved away from home for the first time. He is trading cold winters for – as even the weather channel calls it –  daily “abundant” sunshine. He is moving away from a town which prides itself on family picnics and near perfect grade point averages, to a place that boasts celebrity sightings, tattoo parlors and way too many girls. =)

California will be the perfect place for him.

Here I am, enrolled in coaching school, learning lessons about how to live a great life, how to be a great helper. In doing so, I have gained knowledge that I will value and re-value.

However, my brother,

the one who can be “inapropriate'” and out-of-the-box,

who can make you laugh  when you feel like fighting,

who knows the best movie lines,

who swears too much and studies too little,

who only accepts true friends,

who lives life without apologizing,

who stands up for the right things,

who still sleeps under the Christmas tree, even when he’s way too big, just to appease his 23-year-old sister,

he is the one who has taught me the most.

Bon Voyage to you! A sunny life awaits.


3 thoughts on “All for one & one for Paul

  1. I totally know how you feel watching your “little” brother grow up. It’s tough…mine moved away when he was just 17 (he’s 20 now). It was hard to watch him leave for a city of bright lights, big money, and few morals (he moved to Vegas)…but he needed to spread his wings. We are so lucky to have younger brothers…the value they bring to life is priceless.

  2. Bridg,
    Your letter to Paulie is wonderful. I know you will miss him, but , it is another place to travel too…
    I hope he succeeds in his amibitions and goals.
    Love, Dor

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