We are a Process

Thought this video was cute, and LOVE the song.

Today, I am thankful for my friendships.

Sometimes it takes big life events to create perspective. Even as a young twenty-something I find that my peers and I experience our fair share of self-reproach, looking back on certain events or decisions with a twinge of guilt or a shrug of confusion. These feelings are often coupled with a cliched phrase, one which insists that hindsight is always 20/20. Baby boomers and those beyond can equally relate to the feeling that mistakes often dictate the future, providing clarity for obstacles to come. We dismiss our yesterdays in favor of  better tomorrows.

How has this attitude fared for our world?

 This  especially becomes a predicament when people are involved. It’s one thing to choose the wrong bed spread or spend a little too much on shoes, but it is quite another to experience a falling out, saying something in haste or standing our ground a little too hard. We get hurt or offended. We think we deserve more. We cannot believe that after all we’ve done…

The question then becomes, what am I gaining here? Who do I become when I am “right”?

There is an unspoken rule in today’s world that we can never go back. What’s done is done. This is simply untrue. I have seen too many recoveries in my short lifetime. Too many good people, and way too many good souls.

We are human. We are capable of forgiveness, and beyond that, we are capable of fault. When we choose to move on, we  attract others, but we also free ourselves.

And in the end, the Beatles had it quite right. The love we take, really is equal to the love we make.



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