And So It Goes

Have you ever watched a television show or movie in which a time lapse occurs? One minute, it is spring time, and the very next it’s fall again, the trees browning with the crispness of fifty degrees; the air permeating noses with fire, pumpkin spice and the noticeable absence of seasonal allergies. I used to watch those movies and think how neat it would be, to fast forward like that. To hurry past the cold to get to the warmth and vice-versa. However, in my early twenties I find myself likening my own life to those speedy scenes.

But our years are no longer broken down by school vacations or family-fueled activities. Even in college and during the few months following, the graduation parties, job searches and possible grad school applications were enough to distract us from the new world we had – perhaps unpreparedly – stepped into. Time goes quickly, even against our will, and it is unreturnable. Our strong yearning to move forward swiftly and steadily has suddenly turned quite tepid. We might find this same dilemma mirrored in our friends, colleagues and partners.

I believe that, partially, this has something to do with the fact that life can be a teeter-totter of yes and no. Slow and fast. More and then less. We are constantly wobbling on the beam of balance, and that’s OKAY! However, when we do find ourselves confused at a crossroads, can we implement a perspective change? Would it be possible to accept the unknown? Can we take chances and listen more intently to the voices we trust? Are we able to step into courage and away from defeat? If anticipation is our high, then unreadiness has to be our low. Can we change this system in our own lives to create a stronger balance?

As the season of hustle and bustle begins, we must challenge each other to look around and see. Because one minute we have the moment. One minute we have the person. One minute we have the idea. One minute we have the time.

And the next, we don’t.

If we can succeed in altering our perspective nowwe could possibly savor these days and moments. We could be excited for the next big job, event,  or vacation, but we could also breathe in our current surroundings and appreciate time.  And so it goes. Slipping through our fingers all the time.


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