A Blog About A Bar


Connectivity is key. Just look around. Everyone, everywhere is making calls, writing emails, meeting for lunch or stopping for coffee. We are magnetically stuck to our iphones, and totally in love with texting. And the connection doesn’t stop there.  Have you ever noticed how much we 20-somethings love the bar scene? If you stroll down Lincoln Avenue downtown Chicago tonight, you can bet your year’s salary (wonderful as it may be) that each block of bar- infested property will be filled, loud and friendly. And while you walk along, you might stumble in yourself. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that we now work five days a week and sometimes find ourselves literally counting down the minutes until 5 o’clock on Friday when suddenly, our sour moods turn to gold.

We can become so tied up in our jobs, our money, our stress, ourselves, that we sometimes forget the support we have. Even at the end of the day, when it feels like we have nothing left to lose, we still have the company we keep.  Can we let go of the electronic communication and stop by for a chat? Can we send a card instead of the usual email? If nothing else, can we please, oh pretty please, just meet up for a martini?! Can we let go of ME, ME, ME and in turn find a happy MEdium? Who do we become when we have others on our side? What is our quality of life when we share our souls with others? The answers are simple here; we can’t do life alone, and we shouldn’t forget it.

 So, if we do choose to meet up at that Lincoln Avenue bar or some other one this weekend, let’s just feel happy to connect. Problems at the doorstep, worries at the door.

 In the end, we know we want connectivity, but we find that difficult to define and then tricky to put into action. What is it?

 It is the clinking of glasses that swear a better work week. The cheers-ing of life to celebrate friendship. The choosing of jukebox songs to remember our past. The regaling of stories that preserve our youth. The connecting of friends to assure us our strength. The conversing – in person – because we just don’t do it often enough. These are the best things in life. Bar None.



One thought on “A Blog About A Bar

  1. Bridget,

    You are a great writer. How funny…today at 4:30 one of my co-workers said “I need a glass of wine”..of course I turned around and said, are we going out for a drink? SURE WE ARE!!!!!
    It was fun, relaxing and a better connection with people. How right you are, Bridge.

    Love, Dor

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