Our Favorite Pastime


 Hide and seek. A game we loved to play as children. I can still hear the contagious laughter and electrifying shrieks we belted when we spotted the one we were looking for. Even if the yard was small, and we knew where our friend was hidden because he or she hid there every single time, we reveled in the fun of it. The satisfaction of pointing and saying “found ya!” was enough to keep us playing. Over and over again, until Mom reminded us that it was dark and our dinner was getting cold. We promised her just one more game, and then complied.

A little bit older, and it was ghost in the graveyard. Adding a little fright to the game made it more “mature.” The little kids were too young to join, and we felt elated as we counted with a smile, “One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock…” and on and on until we culminated with midnight. I can still remember the rush when we yelled, in unison, “I will not see a ghost tonight!” Here, we played the same game late into the summer’s clammy evening until we grew tired and decided to bid our goodnights. And the next day around dusk, we entertained our favorite pastime again.

Now our version of hiding and seeking is real life. We move in and out of awareness, back and forth with decisions, to and fro with confidence. We grasp for our sea legs, stand our ground firmly, then lose balance and get up again. We explore our surroundings. We seek knowledge. We search for answers.

The right answers.

And sometimes, when we are really lucky, we find the ones we’re looking for.  And the game just never gets old.



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