Reflect My Truth


Last weekend I was blessed enough to spend quality time with a family member who is more like a friend.  Moments of time pass by too quickly when we are together, and though we are far apart in distance and in age, we manage to conserve our common ground, and always find it when we reunite. Spending time like this with people we love tends to bring out the best in both ourselves and our lives. It is almost as if the world demands more of us when we are surrounded by the people we most respect.

Relationships like this one are rare, and I know that I am lucky to say that in my own life I have a few people who bring me to this higher level. Call it consciousness, awareness, understanding or knowledge; regardless, it is something we should strive for more regularly. 

This weekend and in the coming summer months, I challenge myself and my peers to be honest in our assessment of the world in which we live.  I don’t mean the traditional “think globally” mantra, although that is important, too. I am speaking more of the personal world we strive to create for ourselves. How can we honor our reflections – those thoughts that only our hearts (and the people who know our hearts) recognize? What ideas really make us tick? What progress can we promise to create? How can we listen more clearly to the inner voice that promotes peace and tranquility?

Just as a mirror reflects my physical image, so my thoughts reflect my truth. Perhaps this means choosing to be with and around people who support this higher thinking.

Like the triple flash of a camera, our lives can sometimes be blips of semi-truths. We can tend to walk unbalanced, and lose our sense of strength. When this happens, we must resolve to resort back to those people who demand the most of us. They are the perfections in our reflections.


2 thoughts on “Reflect My Truth

  1. Bridge, you are truly talented. I’m so impressed with your abilities and insight. You never fail to impress. I feel increbily privleged to have you as a part of my life. Keep up the good work.


  2. I have not visited your blog in awhile and I am so glad I did…I love what you are reflecting about and questioning… What struck me is how transferrable your thoughts are to many stages of transition; a gentle reminder that we all feel uncertain and off balance at times- questioning every move as if our life depended on it!
    Even though I know that the chaos I created for myself in making decisions that may not have seemed like the best for me, to my parents or peer group in the long run brought me the highest return in learning to love and appreciate myself.
    Thanks! This is a good read !

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