May I Trouble you for the Time?

Today, I am thinking a lot about growth.

 Often, I have trouble thinking of a topic to blog about. Most things seem too mundane, or boring, or personal. Sometimes, though, I am lucky enough to be inspired to write because of a moment that takes me by surprise.

 Yesterday, I had a 15 minute window for lunch. It was a crazily busy day, and I knew I needed to rush home, throw a sandwich together, and return to my car before my next client meeting. Of course, I got stuck behind a school bus, which made at least 5 stops between the entrance of my neighborhood and my house. I tried hard not to be annoyed – there were children in the bus, after all – but I was so wrapped up in my own schedule and the clock that dictates it, and I became distracted. So distracted, in fact, I almost missed my blog topic, standing right in front of me.  

 While behind the bus, I looked at my side-view mirror and watched as a middle-aged man ran rapidly down the sidewalk. He was in jeans and not running clothes, so I wondered where he could be heading. When the bus made its fifth and final stop, the man stopped also, threw his hands up dramatically with a grin, and waited for the children to exit the bus. The last little girl stepped off, and she smiled toothlessly at the man. Her dad.

 I now know three things for sure. One: that the man was racing the bus to make his daughter laugh. Two:  that he probably raced it everyday because he looked so forward to her coming home from school. And three: that I felt oddly verklmept as I watched them walk hand-in-hand back to their home.  I thought about it a lot that day, and made sure to hug my own Dad extra tight when I saw him next.

 Someone wise once told me that time is the one commodity you can never get back. How true that is. Today, a year seems far. But next year becomes tomorrow so damn quickly.

 Do you remember when our twenties seemed far off? Remember when our biggest problem was finding a cool lunchbox? And then finding a flattering haircut? And then finding the perfect prom date? And then finding the best college? But, that’s the thing about growth. The minute we hit its next stage, we instantly wish we got those problems back.  We cannot appreciate the phase until it’s over. We cannot understand the lesson until we learn it.

So, all we can do, is try to be thankful. To value that today is the only time we will ever be this age during this month again. The truth is, we will never get our twenties back. Nor the simplicity of our childhood.  But, sometimes, if we’re lucky, we’ll experience a moment that lets us re-live it. And when that happens, we can choose to reminisce on a time when all it took was Dad racing down the street to make life seem absolutely perfect.

(Happy 55th Birthday, Daddio.)


9 thoughts on “May I Trouble you for the Time?

  1. Your blog is so true!I am 29 and your thoughts about not getting our 20’s back make me want to really live this last year in my 20’s! To live like a kid and really enjoy the moment I am in! Thanks again!

  2. So true, Bridge. As I approach 25, I’m learning to hold on moment by moment 🙂 Thanks for the post. You know I look forward to every one. And a big happy birthday to Mr. D!

  3. Bridget,
    You amaze me everytime you write your blog and how one little moment inspires you so much. And that you share that moment so eloquently with everyone. Thank you and yes as you get older, years go by so quickly…… you, Bridge!!

  4. Wow~as always, so insightful! It is so true, though; we always can’t wait to get to the next stage without appreciating were we are ~ and then we’d love to go back! One note, though…I’m STILL (and will probably always) be trying to find the flattering haircut!!

    So very well written!

  5. Ok, I’m balling! You brought me back to elementary school when my dad would walk me to the bus stop and wait with me every morning for the big yellow bus to come and start my day. XOXO

  6. Ok Bridg, you have the gift I always knew you had!! Thinking back when you lived at my house for the most part and loving every minute of it! When my favorite kiddos got off that bus anticipating what entertaining stories of what happen THAT day! You are smart beyond your years and always have been. I can say as I am approaching 50, that yes, yes, yes embrace every minute of your twenties, cause the next twenty go so much faster!! Keep up the great work Bridg, love you so much! Anne

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